The Gardener Chef 2013

Yes, the garden still exists, although with a few modifications each year. Since I have been disappointed in the strawberry crop the last few years, I am using the strawberry pyramid for other vegetables this year. I planted peas, radishes, lettuce and others in the pyramid and all are doing well. I have been enjoying salads abundantly.

Here are some pictures of the garden as it stands now:

Aug 2013

Here’s the Herb Garden:

Herbs-Aug 2013


This “Wild Divine” meditation, offered by Deepak Chopra, is about the abundance, lushness and extravagance of nature. Deepak’s meditation can transport us into the images of our garden.

Here in Minnesota, within winter’s stillness of nature, we are given time to ponder the wonders that lie beneath the blanket of snow. We wait! And soon, the mysteries that will have our attention as the warmer weather arrives will be revealed again. They will appear as green grass, flowered bushes, early bulb flowers and small leaves pushing their way from their stationed place on various branches.

Take time to relax in this guided imagery and relax with your memory of the garden. Enjoy!
In the middle of January, it’s hard to believe the garden ever happened. We do get to remember through pictures:

The Garden in January

September Strawberry & Melon

The Garden at it’s Peak

The garden at it’s peak, an early August morning:

Nurturing Hardy Strawberry Plants

The strawberry raised bed pyramid has been regularly watered and fertilized. In mid July, I began to snip blossoms and “sucker trailers” off from the plants so as to have them give them energy into creating healthy and substantial plants. I believe that they made this hardy start. The soil in the pyramid structure has settled and I’ m adding a mixture of manure compost, peat moss mulch and top soil to each row and working it around the plants with ample watering with an alfalfa fertilizer and soil builder. The plant stems are thick and the leaves are deep green and plants are ‘shooting out” runners prolifically. I can only surmise that my patience for this first summer season of our strawberry pyramid will be realized in succeeding seasons with bountiful harvest from these sturdy and seasoned plants.

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