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Leveling the Raised Beds – part 2

I continued to landscape 4ft x 6ft (2) raised bed frames, and placed landscape timbers beneath the frames. This required digging into as well as using earth berm methods to bring 4×6 raised bed frames level to the landscape sloping hill.

Filling the Strawberry Beds


Recent progress – The strawberry pyramid is filled with compost. The timbers for the other beds are in place and level.

We filled the strawberry 4×4, 5 tiered bed first because I needed to get the strawberry plants in the ground. These had been delivered 3 weeks ago – Fort Laramie and Albion species plants.

Leveling the Wood Frames on the Landscape

I leveled the earth and bermed the raised bed boxes to be level resting on the ground.  The backyard slopes downward toward the back of the yard but I wanted the raised beds to be level, so I laid a foundation of landscaping timbers, leveled them and then placed the pre-made raised bed frames on top of these.  Sounds easier than it was!

Digging the Beds, Clearing the Grass

Here’s a picture of the new garden beds just after the grass was cleared away:

Getting the beds ready

Getting the beds ready

Next step is building the raised beds. We’ve already started too! The compost has been delivered and now we’re waiting for the rain to stop. The landscaping timbers will become part of the raised bed structure. I have the design all worked out.

Ordering the Soil

I just got back from Kiamichi River Campground in Oklahoma  and immediately ordered soil  from Bachman’s – the “garden soil mixture” composed of compost, peet moss, and sand.  ($149.00 @ $32 per yard)

Preparing for the Raised Beds

Deb removed the sod for the 3 raised beds — The design begins.

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