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Cleaning up and Beautifying

Deb painted the deck, we put everything together, cleaned off the patio. Potted flower containers were placed on the deck with two plant stands holding containers of accompanied colors of trailing flowers.

More Trellises – Tomato and Sweet Pea

Finally decided that the one tomato plant that didn’t have a trellis would be at risk of plant trauma if I were to wait any longer to place a trellis around it.  The sweet pea pods and snap peas were needing a support structure as well.

It was raining off and on. Between the rain drops Deb and I finished to reclaim the patio area. Deb cleaned the deck with the plan to paint the deck on Sunday.

Wonderful Soaking Rain

Rain came midweek, May 26, 27, and 28 – a most wonderful soaking rain. There was a brief afternoon shower on Saturday May 24, but the 3 days of soaking rain was the winner. Plants and young shoots springing from seed are claiming more space. I’m thinning out carrots, radishes, spinach, and lettuce which seems like a waste.

This week I’m deciding to move the green bean plants. They were not doing well with the cucumbers and beets. I transplanted them to the 18 inch diameter half barrel tub where the 3 melon plants died. They are doing much better, greener and healthier. The cucumber plants are growing and look healthier as well.

The Elemental Sanctuary

The Elemental Sanctuary following the tradition of the garden at Perelandra.

Colorful Nasturtiums

Watering Techniques

Memorial Day

Decision time.  Should I construct the trellis or transplant the petunias?

Planting won, so I began to work the south side of the house. Transplanting “volunteer plants” (large black-eyed Susans) from the herb garden to the south side flower garden. Bringing the white and double purple petunias to this garden of yellow will be spectacular.

With more petunias, I continued planting them as border flowers in the Buddha Herb Garden. With intermittent nasturtiums colorful shades of red and pink, the white and purple will go well with the various shades of green from the herbs.

Without Deb’s help I could not have finished all the planting. The lack of rain presents a problem.  I use the water sprinkler for the flower garden, lawn spaces beyond, and between the raised beds. However, I am careful to not sprinkle the vegetable leaves. I hand sprinkle with the hose nozzle the grass close to the raised beds. I hand water with a watering can the strawberries, vegetables and herb gardens.

The radishes, beets, carrots, lettuce, and spinach are above the ground. Each square foot of space gets a generous amount of water from the watering can.

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