Setting my alarm to awaken 6am Sunday morning would get me up for picking the first cherries of this season.

On my way out of the house, I noticed a formidable crow sitting on the bird bath water, with a bright red cherry in it’s mouth. This confirmed my suspicion of our sharing the cherry harvest with the robins, cardinals, squirrels, and crows as we have in previous years.

I picked 3 quarts of cherries with many more green and light pink fruit yet to be ripened.

The strawberry plants that were planted 1st week of May offered enough large, red, sun-ripened berries for my breakfast cereal.

Today the harvest included herbs, sweet kohlrabi, and green onions for potato salad for a cookout tonight.

Taking a cue from the bean plants and melon plants, this week I will need to construct two more Wigwam trellises.