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More Wonderful Rain

Wonderful thunderstorms throughout the night.  Heavy rain refreshed us Friday eve and Saturday morning as well.

Harvesting Strawberries and Greens

I ate and enjoyed a green and full salad meal from the garden greens.

The green beans are growing fast and tall in their separate space of the 18 inch tub. Looks like it is needing a trellis netting soon.  Looks like the melon tub is also needing a trellis support for the produce.

I picked and ate the first strawberry a few days ago, and ate a dish of strawberries on the 23rd.  Yum!

Tree Trimming Estimate

Timberline Tree Removal came on the 18th to provide an estimate for removing branches from the Sunburst Locust, 2 spruce trees in the backyard, and trim the water spouts from the Ash Tree in the front yard.  We’re hoping  for more direct sunlight for the garden in the backyard. Trimming planned for early next week.

Today Deb and I worked steadily and diligently to prepare the landscape by cutting and trimming. Then put finishing touches on the patio so we’re really ready for summer now.  We brought out the grill and we dined on marinaded chicken breasts.

I will include the marinade recipe soon. It was excellent.

Tomato Trellises


Here We Are Mid-June

Welcome Rain

Rained. Very welcomed.

I decided to wait when planting the perennial flowers and plant them in early fall. They will survive with a later planting.

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