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Ruby Red Cabbage

I harvested a ruby red cabbage and made cole slaw. The beautiful shades of puple and deep magenta with white vains of leave outlines created a magnificent mosiac of natures craft without challenge.

BLTs and Sharing Tomatoes

From mid July until the present date, we have been picking, eating and sharing tomatoes with friends, family and neighbors. Recently, one evening we seemed to have synchronized our evening meal planning with a neighboring family. They called to rave about their BLT’s just as we were finishing up our BLT meal and enjoying the luscious vine ripened Big Boy Tomatoes.

Sweet Melons

These sweet juicy tasting melons can mature to the size of 1 lb. Each of the fruits and vines have been supported by the wood trellis structure. There is a tendency of the melon’s vines to trail toward the ground. Whenever, a vine was found to be heading towards the ground, I would wrap the vine to a part of the trellis form and would give extra attention by supporting and stablizing the fruit with gardening twine or soft fabric strips.

Trellis Support for the Beans

The wigwam, or as some have called it the pyramid trellis, has created a safe and secure structure for the 5 bean plants. They formed a tent of bean stalks. Actually offering ease of finding and picking the mature bounty of Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake beans.

Lots of Cucumbers

Three cucumber plants found plenty of space for their vines to spread. The trellis netting supported plants and the cucumbers to their optimum harvesting size. Deb’s sister enjoys a snack of spreading soft swiss cheese on a generous slice of cucumber. Yum!

The August Summer brings a harvest from ample sunshine and rain fall, ripening vegetables to a peak of perfection. The mature plants are laden with vegetables and held firm by the wooden trellis. I have been very pleased with the steadfast pyramid wooden trellises that I built, they have created cages to sustain new growth and the ripening mature fruit. The trellises provided ample support for the foliage and maturing fruit and allowed plants to grow into maturity in small spaces.

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