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Sweet Pea Trellis

Pea trellis done with a netting attached. Attached the vines to the netting and off they go entwining smaller web vines to the net almost instantly.

This week we are eating radishes and green onions from the garden, adding them to our salads.

Continue to water regularly.  Soaking the backyard grass and flower gardens with water sprinkler. Watering raised beds and other containers with the watering can.

More Trellis Building

Built 4th Trellis in the morning and went to Adlie Berg’s (grand nephew) graduation party in the afternoon.

Came home in the early evening knowing that the next morning I would put together a trellis with pea netting (from Bachman’s) so as the pea vines could have support to climb.

More Trellises – Tomato and Sweet Pea

Finally decided that the one tomato plant that didn’t have a trellis would be at risk of plant trauma if I were to wait any longer to place a trellis around it.  The sweet pea pods and snap peas were needing a support structure as well.

It was raining off and on. Between the rain drops Deb and I finished to reclaim the patio area. Deb cleaned the deck with the plan to paint the deck on Sunday.

Buying Petunias

Wednesday’s Mpls Star Tribune advertised for Gerten’s petunia flats on sale. Since Memorial Day is a part of the next weekend when Grace (grand-niece) and Eric’s wedding is scheduled, I would plan a trip to Gerten’s and buy some petunias, 2 flats.

Deb suggested we choose a white and a purple double petunias. And, so we did.

The First Tomato Trellises

These are the first tomato trellises amid the rest of the garden.

Tomato Trellises and Train Wrecks

This weekend I constructed 3 tomato trellises.  The 3rd one Deb helped with holding and measuring, all of which helped to speed up the building and completion of structure.

My body was impacted by all the bending and stretching. I felt like a physical train wreck. Going to bed for a night’s sleep was supported with two tylenol and a generous amount of Aspercreme soothing my hips, knees, and feet.  I would get a good night’s sleep and back at it the next day.

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