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Building Wigwam Tomato Trellises

After reading and subsequently studying the book, “Build it Better Yourself,” I began to collect wood, nails, bolts for making Wigwam trellises for tomatoes. I have been consciously aware of procrastinating on this project. I’ve not done this before and it is with the realm of possibility. Yet, I’m hesitant.

Deb and I went to Menard’s to buy the material in addition to buying more bags of compost and peat moss mulch.  There are always more pots to fill and plants to plant.

Now that I have the supplies, there is no way out.  I have to build the trellises. The tomatoes are growing and leaning with too many branches and stems needing to be reined into a trellis.

Early Buddha Herb Garden

Here’s the very early stages of the Buddha herb garden, including trellis building going on on the patio in the upper right.

Square Foot Garden Templates

After the soil was placed into the raised bed boxes I, with Deb’s assistance, measured the interior width and length of the boxes so as to create a template of equal squares. (Square foot gardening.) This way, planting within the squares would have clearly delineated spaces for respective seeds and plants.

I planted 4 tomato plants in 20 inch diameter half barrels. Soil from Bachman’s was used to fill 3 of these.   We ran out of the compost so the forth 20 inch and two 18 inch half barrels were filled with an organic compost and peat moss mulch mixture. The 18 inch barrels will be used for melons.

Leveling the Raised Beds – part 2

I continued to landscape 4ft x 6ft (2) raised bed frames, and placed landscape timbers beneath the frames. This required digging into as well as using earth berm methods to bring 4×6 raised bed frames level to the landscape sloping hill.

Filling the Strawberry Beds


Recent progress – The strawberry pyramid is filled with compost. The timbers for the other beds are in place and level.

We filled the strawberry 4×4, 5 tiered bed first because I needed to get the strawberry plants in the ground. These had been delivered 3 weeks ago – Fort Laramie and Albion species plants.

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