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The Gardener Chef 2013

Yes, the garden still exists, although with a few modifications each year. Since I have been disappointed in the strawberry crop the last few years, I am using the strawberry pyramid for other vegetables this year. I planted peas, radishes, lettuce and others in the pyramid and all are doing well. I have been enjoying salads abundantly.

Here are some pictures of the garden as it stands now:

Aug 2013

Here’s the Herb Garden:

Herbs-Aug 2013


Ruby Red Cabbage

I harvested a ruby red cabbage and made cole slaw. The beautiful shades of puple and deep magenta with white vains of leave outlines created a magnificent mosiac of natures craft without challenge.

BLTs and Sharing Tomatoes

From mid July until the present date, we have been picking, eating and sharing tomatoes with friends, family and neighbors. Recently, one evening we seemed to have synchronized our evening meal planning with a neighboring family. They called to rave about their BLT’s just as we were finishing up our BLT meal and enjoying the luscious vine ripened Big Boy Tomatoes.

Cherries and More Cherries

Here are the cherries I picked:

And some cherries left on the tree:

Cherry Picking and Potato Salad

Setting my alarm to awaken 6am Sunday morning would get me up for picking the first cherries of this season.

On my way out of the house, I noticed a formidable crow sitting on the bird bath water, with a bright red cherry in it’s mouth. This confirmed my suspicion of our sharing the cherry harvest with the robins, cardinals, squirrels, and crows as we have in previous years.

I picked 3 quarts of cherries with many more green and light pink fruit yet to be ripened.

The strawberry plants that were planted 1st week of May offered enough large, red, sun-ripened berries for my breakfast cereal.

Today the harvest included herbs, sweet kohlrabi, and green onions for potato salad for a cookout tonight.

Taking a cue from the bean plants and melon plants, this week I will need to construct two more Wigwam trellises.

Harvesting First Radishes and Spinach

Garden’s seasonal timer dictates the end of the first season’s planting of radishes and spinach. I harvested the complete planting of radishes and spinach.  I will have the two areas be unplanted for a couple of days, mix a small amount of compost and peat moss before I plant a second crop on June 30.

Abundance observed all around the yard. Small pea pods are appearing on the netting and small cucumber are setting on the cucumber plants all being brightened with colorful nasturtium flowers.

Nasturtium flowers taste like radishes and are a colorful compliment to salads.

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