Planting Archives

Getting the Seeds Started

Began Planting Seeds –

Beets, radishes, spinach, lettuce, carrots, and green onion sets.

Bachman’s Run for More Plants

Did a Bachman’s run and purchased two hanging plants of verbena to be placed on a double hook rod in the the herb container garden.  Purchased peppermint plant and oregano plant, 3 basil plants and another dill plant. Also bought flowering marigold plants (8) and brocolli plants (8).

Starting the Herb Garden

Herbs were transplanted in large pot containers – basil, dill, cilantro – and placed near Buddha in the garden

Planting is Started!

started planting


Continued Planting

Continued planting cucumber plants (3), pepper plants (4), bean plants (2), kohlrabis (8),and  onion sets (5).

Square Foot Garden Templates

After the soil was placed into the raised bed boxes I, with Deb’s assistance, measured the interior width and length of the boxes so as to create a template of equal squares. (Square foot gardening.) This way, planting within the squares would have clearly delineated spaces for respective seeds and plants.

I planted 4 tomato plants in 20 inch diameter half barrels. Soil from Bachman’s was used to fill 3 of these.   We ran out of the compost so the forth 20 inch and two 18 inch half barrels were filled with an organic compost and peat moss mulch mixture. The 18 inch barrels will be used for melons.

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