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Visiting Fauna

Rabbits, Squirrels, a neighborhood Calico Cat, a wide variety of birds and Sophie (the dog) all have been enjoying the tranquility of the backyard. One afternoon I stepped out on the deck, it was a very exceptionally hot afternoon, and saw the assemblage of animals. Several squirrels were feeding on discarded seeds beneath the bird feeders, two juvenile rabbits (who this Spring were named Butch and Beverly), a neighbor’s Calico Cat lying on the cool wet ground between the large hostas watching the activity and Sophie approaching the scene with bewilderment for her backyard had been overrun with her arch enemies, the visiting marauders. Sophie was overwhelmed with a dilema: ‘who should I run after first’?

Sophie has been acquainted with Butch and Beverly for a long time, since they have taken up residence in the Elemental Sanctuary since birth.

More Wonderful Rain

Wonderful thunderstorms throughout the night.  Heavy rain refreshed us Friday eve and Saturday morning as well.

Tree Trimming Estimate

Timberline Tree Removal came on the 18th to provide an estimate for removing branches from the Sunburst Locust, 2 spruce trees in the backyard, and trim the water spouts from the Ash Tree in the front yard.  We’re hoping  for more direct sunlight for the garden in the backyard. Trimming planned for early next week.

Today Deb and I worked steadily and diligently to prepare the landscape by cutting and trimming. Then put finishing touches on the patio so we’re really ready for summer now.  We brought out the grill and we dined on marinaded chicken breasts.

I will include the marinade recipe soon. It was excellent.

Welcome Rain

Rained. Very welcomed.

I decided to wait when planting the perennial flowers and plant them in early fall. They will survive with a later planting.

Deterring the Rabbits with Hair

Went to have Kelsie cut my hair, collated the hair and other that she swept up for a rabbit and squirrel deterrent. Kelsie asks about what I am doing for the rest of the day and I tell her about building the tomato trellis and the trellis frame for the peas and pods that are growing.

Cleaning up and Beautifying

Deb painted the deck, we put everything together, cleaned off the patio. Potted flower containers were placed on the deck with two plant stands holding containers of accompanied colors of trailing flowers.

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