Birds, Butterflys, Bugs and Bumble Bees

Birds, Butterflys, Bugs and Bumble Bees are the garden’s constant companions.

All perform their definite roles in creating the beauty of a garden. Some of the birds were seen to be assisting in pollinating blossoms and keeping check on the insects. I have noticed a rust capped sparrow floating from a branch of the Sun Burst Locust, in pursuit of a white moth. Wrens and Pine Siskin investigate the raisied bed gardens space for insects, grubs and slugs. There are four bird feeding stations and a water bird bath which we keep supplied with food and drinkable water throughtout the four seasons. I think that bird families with this year’s hatch of babies, will return next year and with each year more and more will be visiting the yard and neighborhood.

Planting for the Second Crop

Seeds for the second crop of fall vegetables were planted. They were kohlrabi, lettuce, radishes and spinach.

Visiting Fauna

Rabbits, Squirrels, a neighborhood Calico Cat, a wide variety of birds and Sophie (the dog) all have been enjoying the tranquility of the backyard. One afternoon I stepped out on the deck, it was a very exceptionally hot afternoon, and saw the assemblage of animals. Several squirrels were feeding on discarded seeds beneath the bird feeders, two juvenile rabbits (who this Spring were named Butch and Beverly), a neighbor’s Calico Cat lying on the cool wet ground between the large hostas watching the activity and Sophie approaching the scene with bewilderment for her backyard had been overrun with her arch enemies, the visiting marauders. Sophie was overwhelmed with a dilema: ‘who should I run after first’?

Sophie has been acquainted with Butch and Beverly for a long time, since they have taken up residence in the Elemental Sanctuary since birth.

Watering to Support the Rainfall

From mid June throughout the month of July, we needed to support the rain fall with frequent watering. The weather was mostly windy, hot and dry. My attention was drawn to a routine of watering vegetables in the containers and the raised beds every two days and watering the flower pots of herbs and annuals every day. The perennial flower beds had the benefits of the sprinkler and were soaked every forth day.

Pea Trellis a Month Later

Now a month after building the pea trellis, the peas are nearing the top and quick thick.

Cherries and More Cherries

Here are the cherries I picked:

And some cherries left on the tree:

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